Home & Office & Toy

In the fields of home, office and toy, many magnet products are found in many places to hold and organize items efficiently and create recreation to us. In the kitchen and warehouse, channel magnet or pot magnet is used to hold kitchenware and tools. Plastic coated magnet can be used to clean the glass aquarium conveniently. In the shop or supermarket hook magnet is used to hang banners, etc. In the office or school, magnetic name badge is used to fasten the name tag to the clothing, and colorful push pin magnet or colored hook magnet is used to hold and recognize the object easily. Fishing magnet works as a popular toy in the outdoor treasure hunting adventure.

Plastic Covered Magnet

Magnetic Name Badge

Colorful Magnetic Push Pin

Neodymium Channel Magnet

Coloured Hook Magnets

Hook Magnet With Eye Bolt

Magnetic Swivel Hook

Magnetic Carabiner Hook

Neodymium Pot Magnet With Hook

Rubber Coated Magnet With External Stud

Rubber Coated Magnet With Female Thread

Magnet Fishing Kit

Single Sided Fishing Magnet

Double Sided Fishing Magnet

Countersunk Pot Magnet

Pot Magnet With Borehole

Pot Magnet With External Thread

Metal Push Pin Magnet

Pot Magnet With Internal Thread

3M Adhesive Magnet

Magnetic Neocube