Rubber Coated Magnet with Female Thread

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Rubber coated magnet with female thread has a metric internal screw thread, which can be fastened with objects through threaded bolt to minimize the scratches to the contacted delicate surface. It is also called rubber coated pot magnet with female thread, or NdFeB rubber coated magnet with internal thread.

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Structure of Rubber Coated Magnet with Female Thread

It is composed of several strong Neodymium disc magnets, steel plate, and protective rubber covering steel plates and Neodymium magnets, except the threaded hole. The several pieces of small disc Neodymium magnets arranged on the same plate steel makes the NdFeB rubber coated magnet with powerful magnetic field on one side. The Neodymium magnets are covered and protected by the rubber from corrosion. The internal thread is easy to attach with a hook, eye bolt, etc, and then it can work as hook magnets to hang objects on the metal body, where the surface needs scratch free.

Rubber Coated Magnet with Female Thread 3

Advantages of Rubber Coated Magnet with Female Thread

1. Holding via magnetic force without drilling, adhesive, etc.

2. Protective rubber and several arranged small disc Neodymium magnets provide a higher slip resistance and avoid sharp scratch or damage to the expensive or delicate contacted surface.

3. Portable and easy to install.

4. Internal threaded hole is universal to mount objects.

5. In some corrosion environment, NdFeB rubber coated magnet can work long time without rusting caused to Neodymium magnets inside.

Application Example for Rubber Coated Magnet with Female Thread

1. Light is mounted via this rubber coated Neodymium magnet on top of the car.

2. Any off-road light, LED work light, LED light bar is mounted on the car.

Rubber Coated Magnet to Mount Solar Light, Mirror and Rack

Advantages over Competitors

1. Neodymium magnet is produced by us, and its quality and cost are under control.

2. Many products are in stock and available for immediately delivery.

3. Custom-made solutions are available upon request.

4. Comprehensive magnet and magnetic products, and in-house fabricating capability meet one-stop shopping need of magnetic products.

Technical Data for Rubber Coated Magnet with Female Thread

Part Number D M H Force Net Weight  Maximum Operating Temperature
mm mm mm kg lbs g °C °F
HM-G22 22 4 6 5 11 12 80 176
HM-G34 34 4 8 7.5 16.5 22 80 176
HM-G43 43 4 6 8.5 18.5 29 80 176
HM-G66 66 6 8.5 18.5 40 100 80 176
HM-G88 88 8 8.5 43 95 186 80 176

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