Double Sided Fishing Magnet

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Based on its material and function, the double sided magnet is also called two sided powerful Neodymium salvage fishing magnet for treasure hunting. It is an innovative magnetic system made from mainly powerful rare earth Neodymium magnet, steel case and indispensable eye bolts. The unique design makes the simple small double sided fishing magnet to generate super strong force to have a wide application like magnet fishing, hanging, lifting and retrieving for various iron-contained articles. 

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Features for Double Sided Fishing Magnet

1. Interchangeable stainless steel eyebolt: This design enables users to use their special hooks instead to meet their own special application.

2. Higher fastening between eyebolt and fishing magnet: The backup ring reduces the risk of the eyebolt backing from and losing the fishing magnet.

3. Double attracting sides: This design doubles the area with magnetic force, which will make the same sized double sided fishing magnet increase the probability to hunt the treasures successfully

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How to Produce Double Sided Magnet

1. R&D and simulation: According to customers’ complicated requirement, we should enter in to the R&D and simulation process, to find out detailed needs for magnet including magnet material, shape, size, coating and grade, steel case material and matching size, the method of assembling components, etc. And then sampling is necessary to finalize the design.

2. Manufacturing Neodymium magnet: During the magnet block process, the magnet composition and production technology should be controlled strictly, which almost decide the holding force and quality of the double sided fishing magnet. Sometimes, the magnet grade should be higher rather than lower grade like N35, so to reach required higher force and smaller size.

3. Choosing steel material and machining steel case: The material of the steel case is also important to influence the pull force, because the steel case should help the magnetic force of rare earth NdFeB magnet concentrated to the center only. Moreover, the steel case could protect the NdFeB permanent magnet from chipping and cracking. The case material is low carbon steel.

4. Filling black epoxy: The gap between NdFeB magnet and the steel case is filled with black epoxy, which can fix Neodymium magnet on the steel case tightly, and then protect the disc Neodymium magnet from falling down and then extend its service time.

Produce Double Sided Fishing Magnet

Advantages over Competitors

1. High quality: NdFeB magnet, the most important component is produced by our own factory, which enables us to make magnet quality under control.

2. Cost effective: In-house production enables us to ensure our fishing magnet with same quality but at lower price compared to competitors’.

3. Fast delivery: Many semi finished products in stock and In-house fabricating capacity enables a just-in-time delivery of fishing magnet.

4. More options: More standard options are available. Moreover, our in-house production and fabrication enables customized options of magnetic systems for customers conveniently. We can meet simple one-stop purchase.

Technical Data for Double Sided Magnet

Part Number D H M Force Net Weight  Maximum Operating Temperature
mm mm mm kg lbs g °C °F
HM-S1-48 48 18 8 80  176  275  80 176
HM-S1-60 60 22 8 120  264  500  80 176
HM-S1-67 67 25 10 150  330  730  80 176
HM-S1-75 75 25 10 200  440  900  80 176
HM-S1-94 94 28 10 300  660  1540  80 176
HM-S1-116 116 32 12 400  880  2650  80 176
HM-S1-136 136 34 12 600  1320  3850  80 176

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