Plastic Covered Magnet

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Plastic coated magnet, plastic covered magnet or plastic wrapped magnet is a powerful magnet, such as Neodymium enclosed in a durable plastic housing. Normally dimensions of plastic coated magnet are standard size while magnetic grades can be different such as N35, N40, N45 or N52 to meet required holding force.

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For plastic coated magnets, the plastic coating is made of ABS material. The injection molding machine will be served for the mass production of plastic coated magnet. Plastic coated magnet is specially designed to realize the better effect of waterproof and resist abrasion, and it is the best waterproof magnet. As a professional plastic coated magnet supplier, Horizon Magnetics can supply diverse shapes, like plastic coated disc magnets, plastic coated block magnets, plastic covered ring magnets and plastic coated magnet with countersunk hole, etc.

Advantages for Plastic Covered Magnet

1. Waterproof. It is covered completely by the plastic to reach waterproof.

2. Harsh environment. Due to easily corroded Neodymium magnet enclosed by plastic, you don’t need to worry plastic covered magnets rusting in the harsh environment such as ships in the sea surrounded by salty water. Plastic coated magnet is safe for use and could be the best solution.

3. Damage free. Separate Neodymium magnet is easy to chip or even brake during handling or attraction use. The plastic coat is hard and not easy to break, so it can protect the inside Neodymium magnet better from damage and then extend the service time.

4. Scratch free. The metal surface of Neodymium magnet is easy to cause scratch on the holding surface. The covered plastic surface will protect surfaces of magnetic whiteboards and refrigerators from scratching.

5. Assorted color. The color is simple for Neodymium magnets or rubber coated magnets. Compared with similar rubber coated magnets, plastic coated magnets could have pretty appearance and more colors available, like black, red, pink, white, yellow, green, blue, etc.


Currently, plastic coated magnet applied in civil fields, such as magnetic whiteboards and refrigerators. However, it has widespread prospect in many areas. It becomes more used in cleaning inside glass walls of the aquarium.

Factors to Consider for Use

The thickness of the plastic ranges 1mm to 2mm subject to magnet sizes. This big air gap reduces much the magnetic force in application. You’d better consider this effect, test and consider plastic covered magnets with stronger force than separate Neodymium magnets.

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