Magnet Fishing Kit

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Magnet fishing kit or fishing magnet package is a complete set of tools and necessary accessories to have magnet fishing easier.

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This finishing kit would be good for a keen beginner, who is not familiar with or experienced in the magnet fishing, and can not expect what tools and especially accessories needed to make the magnet fishing comfortable. Magnet fisherman does not need to consider or buy anything additional, so he can start magnet fishing hunt immediately.

Items Included in a Magnet Fishing Kit

1. Powerful Neodymium fishing magnet. The fishing magnet has a steel shell, to protect the Neodymium magnet inside and its corrosion resistant coating from damage. The industrial-strength Neodymium magnet is tested to achieve reliable pull strength so as to capture every target with inescapable power. The fishing magnet can be used decades, because the magnetic strength of permanent NdFeB magnet almost lasts forever without in the environment of high magnetizing field, high temperature, or harsh corrosion, etc. Many options of magnet strength, size or design (single sided or double sided) are available in inventory or customized.

2. Long Nylon rope. The rope is diameter 6mm and 10m long, which should be strong and long enough for almost all magnet fishing spots. For high bridges, some wells and fishing from a boat in the ocean, you might need a longer rope. Moreover, the Nylon material is a little elastic, which makes fisherman easy to feel for heavy load and avoid rope break during fishing process. Rope size and tensile strength can be customized.

3. Stainless steel carabiner. It’s easy to adjust the loop and change to attach the fishing magnet. What’s more, the stainless steel quality enables it strong enough to meet the heavy load.

4. Protective gloves. The outside surface of the gloves is rough and ragged, so as to protect fingers and grasp the rope firmly during you lifting or dragging the heavy objects.

5. Packaging. Normally the fishing magnet kit is packed in a general box. Colorful gift packaging is customized.

6. Optional. One grappling hook is available. Durable plastic carry-case is available with foam padded to position accessories in the case without any move to protect fishing magnets and all items.

Magnet Fishing Kit Manufacturer

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