Coloured Hook Magnets

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The coloured hook magnets, Neodymium colorful magnetic hooks or assorted color hook magnets are used to hang, distinguish and recognize the objects easily.

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The colored hook magnets are featured in the appearance color change in the general Neodymium hook magnet. This simple appearance change enlarges its wider application. The hook can be easily screwed into or out of the round base magnet. This simple structure may enable the users to change the hook type to their own requirement. The steel cup from the Neodymium colorful magnetic hooks concentrates the magnetic force and directs it to the contact surface so that small size of magnet may generate powerful holding force. They provide great versatility for holding various items such as rope, wires, cables or clothing in many areas, such as warehouses, offices, classrooms, workstations, kitchen, etc. 

Why to Choose Coloured Hook Magnets

1. Assorted colors available: white, black, green, blue, red, purple and golden. You may choose your favorite colors, or tell us what new colour you may need. And then they can be packed in sets of your required color assortment.

2 .Easy to use: The Neodymium magnet and steel pot structure generates powerful attracting force and then small and compact size of the hook magnet may meet your required holding capacity. It is easily portable and removable, and you can use the hooks wherever there is iron or steel for either indoor or outdoor hanging.

3. Perfect appearance: The appearance of the hook and round magnet base is smooth and shiny.

4. Standard sizes in stock and available for immediately delivery

Automatic Assemblying Hook Magnets

Technical Data for Coloured Hook Magnets

Part Number D M H h Force Net Weight  Maximum Operating Temperature
mm mm mm mm kg lbs g °C °F
HM-ME16 16 4 37.0  5.0  7.5  16.0  12 80 176
HM-ME20 20 4 37.8  7.2  12.0  26.0  21 80 176
HM-ME25 25 4 45.0  7.7  22.0  48.0  33 80 176
HM-ME32 32 4 47.8  7.8  35.0  77.0  53 80 176

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