Defense & Oil & Gas

Magnets applied in defense & oil & gas are often expected to perform flawlessly in the harshest working environments such as extreme temperatures, corrosion and vibration, etc. Horizon Magnetics can meet stringent requirements as to magnetic properties and quality to assist customers in choosing the right magnetic solution. High-temperature grade Neodymium magnets, and excellent corrosion resistant and temperature stability Samarium Cobalt magnets have offered designers the ability to solve many problems. Our magnets can be found widely in isolators, circulators, TWT, permanent magnet motors, geophones, MFL inspection, artificial lift systems, electric submersible pump systems, etc. 

Neodymium Loaf Magnet

Neodymium Tiny Magnet

Alnico Magnet

Laminated Magnet

Grade 35 SmCo Magnet

Samarium Magnet Cylinder

SmCo Segment Magnet

Disc SmCo Magnet

Rectangle Samarium Cobalt…

Samarium Cobalt Ring Magnet

SmCo5 Magnet