Demagnetization Curves

Demagnetization curve, or BH curve is the second quadrant of hysteresis for hard magnetic materials including rare earth magnets. It provides information about the magnetic characteristics of a magnet, including the magnetic field strength and resistance to demagnetize. Especially the curve at high temperature provides important reference for engineers to calculate and find out the appropriate magnet material and grade to meet their working requirement. Therefore we hereby prepare you demagnetization curves at several high working temperatures for sintered Neodymium magnets and Samarium Cobalt magnets fore each available grade. Please click each cell for its demagnetization curves respectively.

Demagnetization Curves for Sintered Neodymium Magnets below

           Br (kGs)


10.4 10.8 11.3 11.7 12.2 12.5 12.8 13.2 13.6 14 14.3 Max Operating Temp.
12       N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48 N50 N52 80
14   N33M N35M N38M N40M N42M N45M N48M N50M   100
17     N33H N35H N38H N40H N42H N45H N48H     120
20     N33SH N35SH N38SH N40SH N42SH N45SH       150
25 N28UH N30UH N33UH N35UH N38UH N40UH           180
30 N28EH N30EH N33EH N35EH N38EH             200
35 N28AH N30AH N33AH                 230

Demagnetization Curves for Sintered Samarium Cobalt Magnets below

Br (kGs)

Hcj (kOe)

7.5 7.9 8.4 8.9 9.2 9.5 10.2 10.3 10.8 11 11.3 Max Operating Temp.
15 YX14 YX16 YX18 YX20 YX22 YX24           250
20 YX14H YX16H YX18H YX20H YX22H YX24H           250
8             YXG26M YXG28M YXG30M YXG32M YXG34M 300
18         YXG22 YXG24 YXG26 YXG28 YXG30 YXG32 YXG34 350
25         YXG22H YXG24H YXG26H YXG28H YXG30H YXG32H YXG34H 350
15         YXG22LT             350