Raw Material Price Trend

The price for rare earth magnet (Neodymium magnet and Samarium Cobalt magnet) highly depends on its raw material cost, especially the expensive rare earth materials and Cobalt material, which are fluctuating frequently in some special time. Therefore, raw material price trend is very important for magnet users to schedule the magnet purchase plan, switch magnet materials, or even suspend their projects… Considering the price importance to customers, Horizon Magnetics are always updating the price charts for PrNd (Neodymium / Praseodymium), DyFe (Dysprosium / Iron) and Cobalt in past three months. 


PrNd 20210203-20210524


DyFe 20210203-20210524


Co 20210203-20210524


We try efforts to supply complete and accurate raw material prices above, which are taken from the recognized market intelligent company in China (www.100ppi.com). However they are for reference only and we make no warranty regarding them.