3M Adhesive Magnet

Short Description:

3M adhesive magnet, adhesive backed magnet, or Neodymium adhesive magnet is just a thin magnet with 3M self-adhesive on one of the magnetized surface.

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Because Neodymium magnet has the strongest strength, the thin 3M adhesive backed Neodymium magnet combines a high level of magnetic strength and the convenience of super stickiness 3M self-adhesive with a peel away backing strip. The Neodymium adhesive backed magnets are usually Nickel-Copper-Nickel plated as standard. Other coatings may be possible e.g. black epoxy.

Characteristics for Adhesive Backed Magnet:

1. Strongest magnet material rare earth Neodymium magnet available

2. 3M adhesive backing for best adhesion

3. Quick-release tab for fast and effective liner removal

4. Maximum operating temperature 80°C

5. Both film adhesive and foam adhesive available

Possible Application:

1. Closures for books, folders, mailings, greeting cards, packaging, etc.

2. Designing handcrafted jewelry and purses

3. Hanging of pictures and other wall decorations without holes in the wall

4. Working as magnetic name tags for weddings

5. Ideal arts and crafts at home or at school

Adhesive Backed Magnet Application

Attention Paid to When Using Neodymium Adhesive Magnet:

1. Since the surface quality highly influences the self-adhesive performance, make sure you have a smooth, clean, and grease-free surface.

2. After removing the protective foil, don't touch the self-adhesive side as this may negatively affect the adhesive's strength.

3. Press the self-adhesive disc and block magnets on well and let them set for some time, which allows the adhesive to bond long-term with the surface.

4. Self-adhesive magnets are only suitable for indoor use.

5. High moisture can negatively affect the adhesive performance, so you can expect a shorter life from the adhesive in the bathroom or kitchen.

6. Adhesive layer has a performance limit. If the size of Neodymium adhesive backed magnet is too big then the magnetic pull may become more powerful than the adhesive pull.

7. The adhesive layer will work well with the card, steel, and paper, etc, but may not perform so well with some of the plastics.

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