Magnetic Swivel Hook

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For magnetic swivel hook or Neodymium hook magnet with swivel, the integrated rotating swivel hook could meet various application requirements. For general magnetic hooks, their hooks are fixed on the base of pot magnet and could be moved, which limits their application fields, in which room is small for example.

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Magnetic swivel hook is also one type of pot magnets, with a swivel hook bolted on middle top of the pot magnet base. The magnet inside the pot can be Neodymium ring or Neodymium magnet disc. Due to the steel pot concentrate the magnetic forces of Neodymium magnet into the only contact side, the pot magnet base can generate very strong pull force.

Specific Characteristics of Magnetic Swivel Hook

1. Hook is able to rotate 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise in its pot magnet base. This feature enables you to attract the pot magnet base to walls randomly without taking longer time to check and position the pot magnet base and then the hook direction.

2. Hook is able to swivel 180 degrees in the pivot of the round base magnet. This special feature enables you to use the swivel hook to hold objects vertically, horizontally or in your required directions easily and quickly.

3. For the horizontal pulling application, the pivot or bolt outside the round base magnet is much lower than general hook. This feature may meet your specific application, for example, the space between the walls is small. Moreover, the lower pivot will reduce pulling force to the pot magnet attracting surface and then increase loading weight for the same magnet size.

4. The standard quality of Neodymium magnet, designed magnetic circuit, quality machining and excellent three layers of NiCuNi coating support the magnetic swivel hook to work steady with longer service time.

5. Assorted color or custom colored swivel magnetic hook is available.

Automation Mounting and Assorted Color Magnetic Swivel Hook

Technical Data for Magnetic Swivel Hook

Part Number D A B C H L W Vertical Force Horizontal Force Net Weight  Maximum Operating Temperature
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg lbs kg lbs g °C °F
HM-SE25 25 20 13.5  24 15.5  55 23 17 37 3.5  7.7  38 80 176
HM-SE32 32 20 13.5  24 15.5  55 23 30 66 5.5  12.0  52 80 176
HM-SE36 36 20 13.5  24 15.1  55 23 40 88 6.5  14.0  65 80 176
HM-SE40 40 20 13.5  24 15.6  55 23 50 110 7.0  15.0  84 80 176
HM-SE42 42 20 13.5  24 16.5  55 23 60 132 8.0  17.0  92 80 176

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