Magnetic Carabiner Hook

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The swiveling carabiner clip in the magnetic carabiner hook or hook magnet with carabiner meets your wider application than the Neodymium hook magnet with swivel.

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The magnetic carabiner hook is one type of pot magnet, and produced by a swivel carabiner clip bolted on the round magnet base. When you hold an object having a closed ring steadily without risk of falling down, you may encounter difficulty in making a closed hook into the closed ring in the object. The carabiner clip solves this problem, because the gate on the carabiner clip can open to hold the closed ring, and close automatically due to its spring-loaded design. This ensures a fast link and securing without any extra steps.

The round base magnet of the magnetic carabiner hook is made from the strongest Neodymium round disk magnet, which can produce an intensive force of attraction and meet your heavy duty load requirement.

Features for Magnetic Carabiner Hook

1. Powerful force: Standard and genuine Neodymium magnet encased in the steel pot case generates amazing strong pull force.

2. Multi purposes: The carabiner hook can rotate 360 degree and swivel 180 degree, which can supply both vertical and horizontal pulling. Please be noted that the horizontal holding force is about 1/3 vertical hanging force.

3. Easy to handle: You only need to place the round base magnet on the metal surface. You don’t need any hole drilling or sticky residue, but only magnetic force to attract firmly. The carabiner can rotate 360 degrees, so you don’t need to pay much attention to positioning the magnet and the hook direction. The gate on the carabiner is controlled by the spring to open and close automatically, and then convenient to hold objects.

4. Space saving: In spite of its compact size and light weight, it has extremely strong hanging capacity. Therefore it enables you to organize your home or office and make them tidy.

Automatic Assemblying Magnetic Carabiner Hook

Technical Data for Magnetic Carabiner Hook

Part Number D L D1 D2 d W H h Force Net Weight  Maximum Operating Temperature
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg lbs g °C °F
HM-CE25 25 33 12 20 5 5 17.7 8 17 37.0  30 80 176
HM-CE32 32 33 12 20 5 5 17.6 8 28 61.0  47 80 176
HM-CE36 36 33 12 20 5 5 17.8 8 35 77.0  59 80 176

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