Lifting & Holding

Due to unique advantage of magnetic force over the adhesive or bolt to lift or fasten objects, magnets are found in diverse lifting & holding applications. The Neodymium magnetic assemblies incorporate Neodymium magnets and non-magnet materials, such as steel parts, plastics, rubber, glue, etc. to create a specific magnetic circuit or stronger force. Generally the non-magnet materials are used to ensure the magnets in position for convenient handling and protect Neodymium magnet material from damage during use. In order to fit various application requirements, our magnetic assemblies come in an enough range of designs, materials, shapes, sizes and forces. 

Neodymium Channel Magnet

Rubber Coated Magnet With External Stud

Rubber Coated Magnet With Female Thread

Countersunk Pot Magnet

Pot Magnet With Borehole

Pot Magnet With External Thread

Pot Magnet With Internal Thread

Hook Magnet With Eye Bolt

Magnetic Swivel Hook

Magnetic Carabiner Hook

Neodymium Pot Magnet With Hook

Permanent Lifting Magnet