Pot Magnet with Borehole

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Pot magnet with borehole is a pot magnet with an axial through hole in the center. Horizon Magnetics is focusing on the Neodymium magnet material, so it is also called Neodymium cup magnet with borehole, Neodymium round base magnet with mounting hole, Neodymium pot magnet with through hole.

This borehole pot magnet assembly is made up with steel cup case with cylindrical borehole in the center of NdFeB magnet disc and steel cup. The NdFeB magnet is glued into the flat round steel pot, and the hole diameter of steel cup is usually smaller than magnet hole so that the cup and then whole pot magnet is easy to be fixed onto other objects through screw or bolt. The steel cup protects the encased Neodymium magnet ring from damage coming outside. Moreover, with the steel covered, the magnetic force of the Neodymium ring magnets inside is more powerful. After covered by steel cup, only one magnetic surface of the magnet can be used to hold objects.

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Reason for Higher Magnetic Force of Pot magnet with Borehole

Under normal conditions, the magnetic line of force of the magnet is freely distributed in the air, while the pot magnet adds a steel shell outside the magnet, which makes the magnetic line of force focus on the working surface under the guidance of the magnetic circuit. When the magnetic field of the pot with borehole is absorbed on the iron plate and contacts with the working face, the magnetic line of force is more concentrated than usual, so the pulling force is much higher than that of the ordinary magnet.

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What Factors to be Considered to Choose Pot magnet with Borehole

The stated force (holding/gripping) is based on the pot magnet retaining force against a direct pull when offered to a clean ground mild steel surface with a minimum thickness of 10mm. The smallest gap, even paint or un-ground surface will reduce the holding force significantly. 

Advantages over Competitors

1.Quality First: Horizon Magnetics focus on quality for overseas markets and use standard Neodymium magnet quality in each pot magnet to reach excellent quality and ensure our pot magnet to have higher holding force than competitors.

2.Pot magnets with more options of sizes and machining technology to meet diverse quality or price requirement

3.Standard sizes in stock and available for immediately delivery

4.Many inventory and in-house machining capability to meet one-stop shopping requirement for magnetic assemblies

Technical Data for Pot Magnet with Borehole

Part Number D d1 d2 H Force Net Weight  Maximum Operating Temperature
mm mm mm mm kg lbs g °C °F
HM-B16 16 3.5 6.5  5.0  5.5  80 176
HM-B20 20 4.5 8.0  7.0  13  12  80 176
HM-B25 25 5.5 9.0  8.0  14  30  21  80 176
HM-B32 32 5.5 9.0  8.0  23  50  36  80 176
HM-B36 36 6.5 11.0  8.0  29  63  45  80 176
HM-B42 42 6.5 11.0  9.0  32  70  72  80 176
HM-B48 48 8.5 15.0  11.5  63  138  114  80 176
HM-B60 60 8.5 15.0  15.0  95  209  240  80 176
HM-B75 75 10.5 18.0  18.0  155  341  465  80 176

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