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Insert magnet, insertable magnets, or ferrule insert locator magnet, is designed to conveniently fasten embedded components in precast concrete elements, such as threaded sleeves, the electric sockets, etc. Simple solution makes efficient work possible.

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Structure and Principle of Insert Magnet

Just same as the Neodymium pot magnet, the insert magnet consists of a ring NdFeB magnet, steel casing and threaded rod. The steel casing protects Neodymium magnet from outside damage and concentrates the magnetic forces of the encased a Neodymium ring magnet to the contacted surface only to generate much higher force than a separate Neodymium magnet. However it has some different points from the pot magnet so as to meet the application requirement in precast concrete. The shape of the steel casing is tapered and the threaded rod is interchangeable so that the insert magnet is convenient to detach from the hardened concrete through the socket wrench.

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General Fact about Insert Magnet

1. Material: Neodymium magnet with high performance and grade + Steel casing and rod

2. Coating: Magnet coated with NiCuNi or Zinc + steel casing coated with Zinc or Copper

3. Size and force: Referring to Technical Data

4. Package: Packed in corrugated cartons. Cartons packed in wooden pallet or case for large quantity

Why to Choose Insert Magnet

1. Magnetic power and unique design and structure enable light and easy to operate.

2. It is reusable and durable to save cost shared in long term.

3. It is quick to position and improve efficiency and cost.

4. It can improve quality of precast concrete elements.

5. Magnet power is high enough to position and fasten the embedded components accurately during concrete casting or vibrating process to enable safe lifting operation.

Insert Magnets Improving Efficiency and Cost

Advantages over Competitors

1. Unbeatable know-how in Neodymium magnet, the most important component to ensure insert magnet quality

2. Knowledge in magnetics and in-house fabricating helping customers realize customers’ products from the concept to final magnetic products conveniently

3. More styles and sizes available to save tooling cost and product price for customers

4. Standard sizes in stock and available for immediately delivery

5. Complete supply of precast concrete magnets including shuttering magnets, magnetic chamfers and custom-made magnetic products to meet customers’ one-stop purchase

NdFeB Production and In-house Fabricating Insert Magnets

Technical Data for Insert Magnet

Part Number D D1 M Maximum Operating Temperature
mm mm mm mm °C °F
HM-IN45-M8 45 40 8 8 80  176 
HM-IN45-M10 45 40 8 10 80  176 
HM-IN54-M12 54 48 10 12 80  176 
HM-IN54-M16 54 48 10 16 80  176 
HM-IN60-M20 60 54 10 20 80  176 
HM-IN77-M24 77 73 12 24 80  176 

Maintenance and Safety Precautions

1. Avoid grout covering surface of the encased Neodymium magnet to keep magnetic force.

2. Operate or store the insert magnet below 80℃. Higher temperature may cause the magnet to reduce or totally lose magnetic force.

3. It is highly recommended that gloves should be worn to protect operators’ hands from pinching on impact. Please keep it far away from electronic instruments and unnecessary ferromagnetic metals. Special caution should be exercised if someone is wearing a pacemaker, because strong magnetic fields can damage the electronics inside pacemakers.

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