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Laminated magnet means a rare earth magnet system with several separate pieces of rare earth magnets glued so as to reach insulation effect between those pieces. Therefore sometimes laminated magnet is also called insulated magnet or glued magnet. Laminated Samarium Cobalt magnet and laminated Neodymium magnet are proven to reduce the eddy current loss for the high efficiency motors.

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Nowadays the demand of laminated rare earth magnets has been going up, because aerospace, industrial markets and promising EV especially are dedicating to pursuing the balance between motor power and heat. Thanks to knowledge in electric motor and extensive experience in laminated magnets, Horizon Magnetics can work with customers to improve motor performance through ensuring laminated motor magnets for high efficiency motors with following features:

1.Insulation layer ranging 25 -100 μm

2.Consistency of insulation guaranteed

3.Magnet layer with thickness from 0.5mm and up

4.Magnet material in SmCo or NdFeB

5.Magnet shape available in block, loaf, segment or wedge

6.Stable working at temperature up to 200˚C

Why Laminated Magnet is Required

1. Eddy current does harm to electric motors. Eddy current is one of most difficulties faced by the electric motor industry. The eddy current heat results in temperature rise and some demagnetization to permanent magnets, and then reduces working efficiency of the electric motor.

2. Insulation reduces the eddy current. It’s a common sense that resistance increase of the metallic conductor will reduce the eddy current. Several insulated thin SmCo magnets or NdFeB magnets placed together instead of a complete long magnet cut the closed loops to increase the resistance.

3. High efficiency is a must to the projects. Some projects must need the higher efficiency rather than lower cost, but the current magnet materials or grades could not reach the expectation.

Why Laminated Magnet is Expensive

1. Production process is complicated. The laminated SmCo magnet or laminated NdFeB magnet is not simply glued by the separate parts together as what was seen. It needs many times of gluing and fabrication. Therefore waste for expensive Samarium Cobalt or Neodymium magnet materials is much higher. Moreover more factors must be taken into consideration in manufacturing process.

2. More inspection items are required. The laminated magnet needs additional test types to ensure its quality, including compression, resistance, demagnetization, etc.

Complicated Processes in Machining Laminated Magnets

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