Neodymium Sphere Magnet

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Neodymium sphere magnet or ball magnet is a magnetic ball shape made of rare earth Neodymium magnets. It can be produced in different sizes, magnetic strengths and types of coating surfaces.

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Due to its sphere shape, Neodymium sphere magnet is also called sphere Neodymium magnet, NdFeB sphere magnet, ball Neodymium magnet, etc.

Unlike the block Neodymium magnet or Neodymium disc magnet with a wide use in daily life or even industrial production, the Neodymium sphere magnet has a very limited application. Neodymium ball magnet is seldom used in industrial products. The spherical Neodymium magnets are mainly used in creative application fields, for example for the artists to incorporate into their work and can be used to generate some special type of shape or structure.

The external surface of the Neodymium ball magnets can be protected in many types and colors of coatings against corrosion or scratching to meet many special pretty surface requirements. In general industrial application, it may be plated with three layers of NiCuNi or epoxy. Sometimes it may used for the magnetic jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets with shiny golden or silver coating. Neodymium sphere magnet is widely used in magnetic toys, such as Neocube or magnetic Buckyball in a variety of surface colors, like white, light blue, red, yellow, black, purple, golden, and so on.

It’s a little complicated to produce a Neodymium sphere magnet with good quality. At this moment, there are mainly two options of producing ball shaped Neodymium magnets. One type is pressing ball shaped magnet blocks with a similar size in pressing and sintering processes, and then it can be grinded to an exact sized magnetic ball. This production option reduces expensive rare earth magnet materials wasted in the machining process, but it has a high requirement for the tooling, pressing, etc. The other type is pressing a long cylinder or big block magnet blocks, and the slicing it to similar sized disc or cube Neodymium magnets, which can be grinded to a ball shaped magnet. The main sizes for the magnetic balls are D3 mm, D5 mm, D8 mm, D10 mm, D15 mm, especially D5 mm sphere Neodymium magnet used more as toy magnets.

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