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Neodymium cylinder magnet or Neodymium rod magnet is a cylindrical shaped magnet with the length of the rod magnet bigger than its diameter. Therefore it is also regarded as the long version of a disc magnet. Because of the length, without being embedded in the non-magnet case, the axial magnetized cylinder magnet is easy for people to grab with fingers and then it is widely bought and used as general attraction application by common people in everyday life. It is also called as cylinder rare earth magnet, cylinder Neodymium magnet, NdFeB cylinder magnet, etc.

Normally the Neodymium cylinder magnet magnetized through thickness is produced directly by pressing a rough cylinder semi-finished magnet block. It is simple and cheap to machine a rough rod magnet to finished magnet size. Firstly, coreless grinding is used to grind the precision diameter. Second the thickness or height will be plane grinded to one finished cylinder magnet, or sliced to several pieces of rod magnets with shorter height. If the height of the final Neodymium cylinder magnet is too long, for example 60 mm or required magnetic properties is high, pressing a cylinder magnet directly is difficult to reach higher magnetic force. And then it may be produced and machined from a rectangular magnet blocks.

In Europe and US many companies supply online shopping for the standard dimensions of Neodymium magnets with high grades, like N40, N42, N45, N52, etc. Following are some of the best selling sizes of the Neodymium cylinder or rod magnets:

D2 x 4 D4 x 25 D6 x 10 D10 x 30 D15 x 30
D3 x 5 D5 x 7 D6 x 12 D10 x 40 D15 x 40
D3 x 6 D5 x 8 D6 x 13 D10 x 50 D15 x 50
D3 x 8 D5 x 10 D6 x 15 D12 x 15 D18 x 25
D3 x 10 D5 x 12.5 D6 x 30 D12 x 25 D20 x 50
D3 x 15 D5 x 15 D7 x 25 D12 x 40 D25 x 30
D4 x 5 D5 x 20  D8 x 10 D12 x 50 D25 x 40
D4 x 7 D5 x 25 D8 x 20 D15 x 15 D30 x 30
D4 x 10 D5 x 30 D8 x 30 D15 x 20 D40 x 50
D4 x 12 D6 x 8 D10 x 20 D15 x 25 D50 x 50

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