Neodymium Precision Magnet

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Neodymium precision magnet, precision Neodymium magnet or Neodymium thin magnet is the Neodymium Iron Boron magnet with much smaller size or tighter tolerance than those magnets produced by conventional equipments.

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The Neodymium precision magnet is mainly used for the timekeeper, microphone, loudspeaker, optical communication, instrument and meter, medical, watch, cell phone, sensor, etc.

For general sintered Neodymium magnets, the size for each direction is over 1mm and tolerance is +/-0.1 mm or smaller to +/-0.05 mm, which can be produced by general production equipments for the NdFeB magnets. For Neodymium precision magnets, the production technology is quite different. First, in the Neodymium Iron Boron magnet block production process, the consistency of magnetic properties should be strictly controlled well between blocks and batches. Second, in the machining process, the appropriate machining equipments or technology should be adopted to meet the special requirement on magnet shape, size, tolerance and even appearance sometimes. Third, in the surface treatment process, the plating means and the type of coating should be found out to reach thin size and tight tolerance need. Fourth, in the inspection process, the precision test and inspection technology is necessary to control and confirm the magnet requirements are met.

Machining Precision NdFeB Magnets

Horizon Magnetics has extensive experience in manufacturing precision Neodymium magnets over ten years, and then we understand what and how to control for the precision magnets. For the precision machining, we have been cooperating with several workshops that work for watches, miniature motors, etc. Besides, we are equipped with unique machining equipments, which are customized and designed by us. Parylene coating is used to ensure tighter tolerance for some Neodymium precision magnets like tiny ring magnets with thin wall thickness. The projector and microscope is often used to inspect the surface and size for the precision magnets.

At this moment, we can control the sintered Neodymium precision magnets with thickness of 0.15mm and tolerance of between 0.005 mm to 0.02 mm. The tighter the tolerance is, the higher the production cost is.

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