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Disc SmCo magnet, Samarium Cobalt rod magnet or Samarium Cobalt disc magnet is a type of round shaped SmCo magnets. The disc or rod SmCo magnet is seldom used like Neodymium magnet by the common consumers in everyday life, because of its unnecessary properties, like high working temperature to 350C degrees and high price.

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Moreover SmCo magnet is easy to brittle and then easy to chip or crack during simple attraction application. Therefore the expensive SmCo magnet is normally for the high performance industrial application that other magnets can not fulfill.

Safety is the first and most important factor to consider for the automotive. Due to the excellent thermal stability and high working temperature of SmCo magnet, the automobile is one of the largest markets for disc SmCo magnet, for example, used in the sensors and ignition coils. Most ignition coils are designed to work stable under 125C degrees and some special designs under 150C degrees, and then Sm2Co17 magnet will become the competent materials to withstand the required high temperature definitely. One popular disc SmCo magnet sized D5 x 4 mm is used by several famous automotive sensor manufacturers such as BorgWarner, Delphi, Bosch, Kefico, etc.

We have the abilities to supply mass production of SmCo magnets for some tight and zero defect requirement applications like automotive, military, medical, etc. Besides quality system and necessary production and testing equipments, some in-process and final inspection especially automatic facilities are equipped to 100% inspect and sort magnetic angle deviation, flux, surface gauss, etc for each finished magnet!

Automatic Inspection and Sorting in Magnetic Angle Deviation, Flux and Surface Gauss

Disc SmCo magnet is also the necessary magnet material for circulators or isolators used in the microwave communication and the fifth generation especially due to its strength in higher magnetic properties and temperature stability. The 5th Generation is designed to deliver peak data rates up to 20 Gbps, and 5G is designed to provide much more network capacity by expanding into new spectrum, such as mmWave (millimeter wave). 5G can also deliver much lower latency for a more immediate response and can provide an overall more uniform user experience so that the data rates stay consistently high—even when users are moving around. Therefore 5G will play an important role in vehicle networking and industrial IOT in near future soon. With the increasing construction of 5G base stations in the world especially in China since year 2019, the demand for circulators and then Sm2Co17 disc or rod magnets is experiencing explosive growth.

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