Horizon Magnetics Supporting Community Activity

As a corporate citizen of the community, Horizon Magnetics has been actively involved in supporting community activities to realize its social value. Last week, our magnetic technology engineer Doctor Wang brought an interesting lesson to the children in the community, Magic Magnet.

doctor wang brought magic magnet lesson

How to spend the summer vacation? Do you have some regrets when you go to summer school, travel, read books home and sigh about the wasted time after it has passed? A few days ago, the Ministry of Education issued the “Notice on supporting the exploration of summer trusteeship service”, guiding and supporting qualified places to actively explore and carry out summer trusteeship service. In order to make the students in the community have a safe, healthy, happy and beneficial summer life, our community has prepared a lot of wonderful summer activities for the students.

At the beginning of the class, Doctor Wang performed an interesting little magic of magnets for the whole class. In the vivid narration of Doctor Wang, the children under the stage are all eyes. After appreciating the miracle of magic, the children were full of curiosity, so with small question marks, they took the lead in Doctor Wang to start the magic journey of this lesson.

discover the characteristics of permanent magnets

In the next decryption session, Doctor Wang first played a small video. With the explanation of the video, the children gradually solved their doubts. The protagonist Magnet in the class was ceremoniously on the stage. Doctor Wang first led the children to know permanent magnet, with special emphasis on the SmCo and NdFeB rare earth permanent magnets that we are specialized in. In the constant dialing of Doctor Wang, the children have discovered the characteristics of permanent magnets one by one through careful observation and hands-on practice.

SmCo and NdFeB rare earth permanent magnets

After that, Doctor Wang led the children to challenge and explore electromagnet, a more mysterious and high-tech magnet. Each pair of desk mates are distributed to the battery, wire, electromagnet and other exploration materials. The novel materials stimulate the children’s desire to explore. On the platform, Doctor Wang patiently and carefully demonstrated the assembly process. Under the platform, the children listened attentively and operated carefully. When the experiment was successful, cheers came from the classroom.

explore electromagnet

After class, Doctor Wang left the experimental equipment to each child, and arranged an after-school assignment to encourage the children to explore the original. I hope that through this activity, every child can uphold the scientific spirit and keep curiosity about the unknown, and have the courage to explore and innovate on the road of seeking knowledge.

Community enterprises are rich in educational resources after school. Employees come into the classroom, so that people with different occupations and experiences can give full play to their professional advantages and interests, enter the campus, enter the classroom, and approach the children. And then students learn a lot of extra-curricular knowledge, broaden their horizons, rich experience, for children to create a rich and colorful growth environment. Horizon Magnetics will use our experience in Neodymium and Samarium Cobalt magnets, and magnetic systems to stimulate students’ curiosity and interest in rare earth magnets and related applications.

curiosity and interest in rare earth magnets and related applications

Post time: Jul-29-2021