Horizon Magnetics New Website Launched Officially

Horizon Magnetics New Website Launched Officially

Ningbo Horizon Magnetic Technologies Co., Ltd is a vertically integrated manufacturer of rare earth Neodymium magnet and its related magnetic assemblies, which are widely recognized by customers around the world. But our old version of website lists very limited products and is not easy for potential customers to find, and then unfortunately many customers could not enjoy the strength of our products and service. In order to fulfill the customers’ extensive requirement about rare earth magnets and magnetic products, Horizon Magnetics make a decision to launch this updated version of website with following distinct features:

Simple Website Interface

The website becomes simpler and easier for cell phone users. Especially it’s easier for visitors to share the interested page with friends via most types of social media.

Extensive Range of Neodymium Magnetic Assemblies

More scopes of standard magnetic assemblies are added and listed in details. Not only the industrial magnetic products, but also many daily consumer magnetic products, such as channel magnet, rubber coated magnet, pot magnet, hook magnet, fishing magnet, office magnet, plastic coated magnet, magnetic toy, magnetic tools, magnetic name badge, magnetic push pin, magnetic filter rod, permanent lifting magnet, etc. The extensive ranges of magnet product supply enable diverse types of customers to have one-stop purchase. Because many magnetic products are available in inventory, and the price is much lower than customized, it makes it economical and just-in-time for individual users or small customers to buy them directly from us!

Maintaining Strength Range of Industrial Magnets

Thanks to our unrivalled expertise and rich experience in rare earth magnets and electric motor & precast concrete industries, we remain more attention to our strength range of industrial magnets, such as Neodymium magnet, Samarium Cobalt magnet, motor magnet, precast concrete magnet, shuttering magnet and magnetic chamfer. Since the founding, Horizon Magnetics have been focusing on the high-end grade of Neodymium magnet and the high-end application markets, and supply customer with cost-effective magnetic solutions. That’s the reason that Horizon Magnetics could survive and enjoy with a steady growth along with long-term customers in spite of the stronger competition.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging input enables us to have a fast response to customers’ concerns and improve our service quality to some urgent issues.

Post time: Mar-25-2021