Why Neodymium Magnets Optimize Toy Design

The Neodymium magnet is widely used in the industry fields and even our everyday electric appliance and toys! The unique magnet property may create the innovative design and optimize the endless effect of the toys. Due to our rich application experience in the toys for a decade, Ningbo Horizon Magnetics supply some professional toy manufacturers with a huge type and quantity of Neodymium magnets. Now we give an example for some toys with Neodymium magnet built-in for reference.

1. Magnetic stick magnetic building block

Magnetic Stick Rod Bar Magnet Building Block

There are two NdFeB disc magnets at both ends of each magnetic stick so as to attract the ball tightly. The magnetic rod magnet blocks set has abundant interesting and playability. Limited quantity of sticks and balls can build a variety of shapes to fully stimulate children’s imagination and hands-on ability. These magnetic toys can help children develop in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Exercise children’s logical thinking, concentration, hands-on ability, imagination, brain skills and collaboration skills.

2. Magnetic tiles building blocks

Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Magnetic Construction Set Toys

There is a diametrically magnetized NdFeB magnet cylinder at each side of a magnetic tile in the shape like triangle, square, pentagon, etc. The cylinder magnets may roll to make the ABS plastic side of the magnet tile to attract with each other so as to construct almost any innovative creations with little quantity and shape.

3. Anti-stress magnetic spinning rings fidget gadget toy set

Anti-Stress Magnetic Spinning Rings Fidget Toy Set

Six pieces of Neodymium block magnets are scattered around each ABS plastic ring cover so as to ensure three magnetic rings repel but also attract with each other smoothly. The rings are fully independent but can be combined together to spin in new and creative ways. With a multi-directional spin, three are limitless tricks and ways to use the fidget spinner magnet toy.

4. 7 Pieces magic crystal magnetic cube

7 pcs Magic Crystal Magnetic Cube

Hundreds of Neodymium magnet discs are spread in each puzzle with different shape and colors so as to make 7pcs parts attracted with each other to arrange hundreds of cube shape. Different color is good color recognition for kids. It may improve thinking ability – magnetic building blocks exercise your brain, improve spatial thinking ability and develop children’s intelligence. Create various architectural and geometric shapes in numerous combinations.

5. 3D magic cube magnetic shifting box

Extraordinary 3D Magic Cube

Fidget box features 36 pcs of NdFeB disk magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes with tear-proof, matte or high-gloss surface. Put it comfortably in your hand, enjoy the fun of challenging your mind for hours, and stimulate your senses with unlimited creativity! With the powerful internal magnet system of our fidget puzzle box, you can connect multiple magnetic cubes to build larger structures and sculptures – creating the ultimate satisfying magnetic fidget toys and brain teasers.

6. Magnetic Rubik’s puzzle cube

Magnetic Rubik's puzzle cube

For a 3x3x3 magnetic Rubik’s magic cube, 48 pieces of Neodymium strong disc magnets are built in the magic cube so that it can be aligned automatically with a flick of the dial. The innovative movable magnetic module design brings a stronger sense of magnetic attraction. The careful deployment of magnetic force and elasticity ensures automatic positioning, light and smooth movement. It feels just light, smooth and turns very fast right out of the box.

Post time: Sep-05-2022