Why Neodymium Magnet Promote Electric Bikes Popular in China

Why does Neodymium magnet promote electric bikes popular in China? Among all means of transportation, the electric bike is the most suitable vehicle for villages and towns. It is cheap, convenient, and even environmentally friendly.

Neodymium Magnet Promote Electric Bikes Popular in China

In the early days, the most direct stimulus for E-bikes to catch fire was limiting motorcycles. At the same time, the takeout and express delivery industries are almost highly bound, which has boosted the demand for electric bicycles.

As the core technologies related to electric motor bicycles such as electric motors and batteries become mature and stable, especially the technological progress and mass production of sintered NdFeB magnets give electric bikes more advantages for electric motors, such as large starting torque, strong climbing force, high efficiency, low noise, low failure rate and economic price. The threshold for building electric vehicles has been further lowered, enabling more people to join the market.

The wheel hub motor is the electric motor with wheel hub motor magnets installed in the wheel. Its biggest feature is that the power, transmission and braking devices are integrated into the wheel hub, so the mechanical part of the electric vehicle is greatly simplified.

ndfeb block magnet and wheel hub motor

At present, most electric bicycles use NdFeB rare earth permanent magnet wheel motors. The motor coil is excited by the permanent magnet. Many types of electric hub wheel motors use this Neodymium square magnet sized 24×13.65x3mm with grade N35H. Each set of electric motor requires 46 pieces of wheel hub motor magnets. One of the rotor and stator magnetic fields of the permanent magnet motor is generated by the wire package, and the other is generated by the permanent magnet. Because the coil excitation is not used, it saves the electric energy consumed by the excitation coil during operation, and improves the electromechanical conversion efficiency of the motor. This can reduce the driving current and extend the mileage for electric bicycles using limited on-board energy.

electric bicycles use N35H square magnet

There are still some new changes around 2016. This is mainly due to the emergence of younger, more high-end and, of course, more expensive electric vehicles represented by NIU. One of the selling points of NIU is that they use lithium batteries with lighter weight, larger capacity and longer service life, about four or five years. At that time, more than 90% of the electric vehicle market used lead-acid batteries, and the penetration rate of lithium batteries was only about 8%. At present, the major electric bicycle brands in China include SUNRA, AIMA, YADEA, TAILG, LUYUAN, etc. NIU and NINEBOT, the so-called smart high-end electric vehicles, have a very small market share. It is predicted that the E-bike magnet requirement and market of electric bicycles will also develop rapidly in populous countries like China, such as India.

Post time: Dec-13-2022